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Homeless Matters of Franklin County

Working to End


Our Mission

Homeless Matters of Franklin County is a committee of concerned citizens working to address the most urgent and critical needs of homeless families.

Our mission is to ease some of the burdens that homeless families experience in Franklin County and assist in giving them the opportunity to be successful, even in the face of such personal hardships.

The focus of our mission for 2024 is the “Homeless Maters of Franklin County Day House” in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. This house will provide the much-needed void of the current community homeless, as well as providing resources for the underserved members of Franklin County. Currently we have three shelters in Franklin County that offer a limited number of beds and other resources for our growing homeless population. Our Day House will enable those people to receive adequate assistance they need during the day, as well as having access to resources such as food, medical, and daytime shelter. Homeless Maters relies heavily on the support from local organizations whether volunteering tie or financial support. Every partner plays a vital role in making a difference agents hunger and homelessness in our local community.

Our Solution

Since 2015, Homeless Matters of Franklin County has provided community members a resource through collaboration with various community stakeholders within Franklin County to obtain items such as food, school supplies, and hygiene products in an environment where they feel safe and welcome.


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School Supplies


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